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Our mission is to nurture and strengthen the connection between mind, body and spirit, thereby creating the conditions for good health. Mana is a centre for healing, learning, research and collaboration. We host workshops, retreats, lectures and academic meetings alongside our core business of mind-body integration therapy.

In response to the burnout epidemic in healthcare, the vision for Mana is a sanctuary for healers, a place where clinicians, practitioners and therapists from all disciplines can come to relax, recharge and reintegrate.


Mana is located in a lovingly restored 19th century villa in the heart of Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand. The building was purchased in 2017 as a place for healing, compassion and integration.

The concept for Mana orginated somewhere in the wairua between New Zealand and Fiji. Mana is a Fijian word with a variety of meanings - 'power', 'miracle', 'an omen or sign', 'magic' are just some of the translations depending on context. In Te Reo Maori, Mana speaks to 'power, authority and respect'. 


The Directors

Dr. Ingo Lambrecht
(Clinical Director)

Ingo is a renowned clinical psychologist and keynote speaker both in New Zealand and internationally, with an interest in mind-body integration, compassion and Maori mental health. Ingo has been integral to the creation of Mana, lending his expertise and wisdom both from a clinical perspective as well as from a shamanistic worldview. As instigator and facilitator of reflective Schwartz rounds at Auckland City Hospital, Ingo has been on the cutting edge of treating clinician burnout and compassion fatigue.

Dr. William James Evans
(Medical Director)

Will is a physician with a background in palliative care, general medicine and neurology. He graduated from Princeton University in 2003, where he studied the evolution of consciousness and the use of psychedelics in indigenous cultures. He gained his medical degree with honours from the University of Sydney in 2009  and has worked for 10 years in major hospitals in Australia and New Zealand. He is due to complete his specialist training in Palliative medicine in 2020. Will is a researcher at the University of Auckland, commencing a PhD in 2020 investigating novel treatment paradigms for depression and anxiety in palliative care.

Naima Evans
(Studio Director)

Naima is an experienced Yoga and Pilates teacher who has a masters degree in Gender and Culture studies. As co-creator of Mana and studio director, Naima provides in-depth functional assessments, integrative physical therapy and wholistic strength and conditioning sessions. With an up-to-date anatomical knowledge base and an intuitive approach, Naima brings world-class body therapy expertise to Mana. Born in London to Italian and Trinidadian parents, Naima also brings a truly cosmopolitan perspective to the team.


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