Dr. William James Evans B.A (Princeton) MBBS (Hons) FRACP (2020) AChPM (2020)

Dr Evans is a physician and the Medical Director at Mana. He has an expertise in Palliative Medicine and is experienced in general medicine, pain, addiction and neurology, with a strong research interest in mind-body integration. Drawing from a broad background and knowledge base Dr Evans can provide supportive medical services for a range of conditions. Dr Evans’ approach is evidence-based, following traditional western models of pathophysiology and pharmacology, whilst also recognising the limits of current biomedical knowledge and the importance of patient-centered care. Dr Evans provides supportive medical care, translating often confusing medical jargon, clarifying goals of care and addressing psychological or existential concerns about disease and symptomatology. By combining evidence-based medicine with a compassionate approach, patients are empowered to find their own truth and meaning, aligning mind, body and spirit to catalyse a journey of self-healing.


Areas of Interest:


Medical Counselling


Mind-Body therapy




Oncological Supportive Care


Palliative Care


Please send an email to: info@manahealth.co.nz for more information or if you would like to make an appointment to see Dr Evans.

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