Naima Evans

Naima began her exploration of movement and creativity from a young age through contemporary dance and music. In later years, she returned to her passion through Yoga and then after a back injury, Pilates. With more than 12 years of experience in Yoga and Pilates, Naima has discovered that through breath, movement and awareness one can achieve incredible results- resolving pain, addressing imbalances both physical and emotional in order to create spaciousness and ease in the body and mind.

In Naima’s studio you can expect to:

  • Address postural imbalances and work toward relieving pain through strengthening and stretching exercises.

  • Learn to focus the mind through breath awareness and syncing breath with movement.

  • Focus on pranayama breathing techniques to address imbalances such as depression and anxiety or simply to enhance a general sense of well being and high energy levels.


Areas of specialty:

  • Peri-natal Yoga and Pilates

  • Back pain

  • Trauma release

  • Psychosomatic symptoms

To make an appointment with Naima please call 021788755 or email