Transcend your suffering, take a deep breath and let it go.

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Focus on your breathing, breathe in for 7 seconds then breathe out for 7 seconds. Do this 20 times.

In this new series of posts I will be discussing the nature of death, suffering, psychedelics and transcendence.

Does death exist?

The Maori worldview does not consider death to exist, it is merely a transition through the veil back to Atua then eventually back again into the earthly realm, part of an never-ending cycle. This motif is reflected in spiritual worldviews throughout the world and speaks to the inherent cycle of life and death, birth and rebirth. The meaning of death is entirely subjective and personal, but one can choose what is meaningful, we can construct our beliefs to create meaning and significance. In the West we have chosen to cut the circle and laid it out as a straight line. This linear version of illusion is a source of our modern suffering, catastrophising death as an absolute, inescapable end point with no redeemable meaning. Death in the Western materialist sense is annihilation, leading rationally to nihlism in life. This goes towards explaining our collective behaviour, the exploitation and destruction of nature for gain in a single lifetime. Darwin's theory of evolution gave justification for our animalistic tendencies and explained away the apparent randomness of experience in an atheistic world. The pitfall of belief, whether it is a belief in God or belief that there is no God, is suffering. Who shall ever diggeth the pit, shall fall in it. And who shall ever diggeth the pit, shall bury in it.. Reminding ourselves of the mystery, reminding ourselves of impermanence and change, that at the heart of it all is a beautiful, baffling, bizarre, beatific paradox, keeps us from digging and falling into the pit.

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