Virtual Reality Lab

Virtual Reality (VR) is a therapeutic device that has proven effects for pain reduction and relaxation.

VR has the potential to accelerate learning, catalyse meditative states and provide other benefits yet to be explored.


At Mana we have a dedicated VR lab for our own creative innovation and play, which also gives our clients the opportunity to access the latest technology, providing safe, secure mind-expanding experiences for relaxation, transformation or just a bit of fun!


VR Services available at Mana:

  • Basic VR experiences with support

  • VR guided meditation with biofeedback (coming)

  • VR-assisted psychotherapy

  • VR-assisted exposure therapy (coming)


Session rates:

$50 per hour for basic experiences

$100 per hour for VR guided meditation with biofeedback

$180 per hour for VR-assisted psychotherapy


Please contact us via email or phone to make a booking.